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Which system is better for data integrity? WHS 2011 or FreeNAS

Don W

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So I watched a Youtube video on FreeNAS and started wondering on what system protects my data better, or is there any difference? My main objective is to protect Home Videos, Home Pictures, Documents and some DVD rips but those are a side note. My server has 5 WD Reds and I use Drive Bender to duplicate data in case a hard drive fails but was wondering about FreeNAS with ZFS raid and de-duplication. I have never had a problem with WHS but am wondering if switching over to FreeNAS was worth it?

Also, is ECC RAM really needed for data integrity?





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Better question is, are you confortable with Linux? Or do you prefer Windows.



Also, here is a good "summary" of ZFS:



However, the big thing about ZFS is it's data integrity features. And a quick glance.... most of these features are actually semi-redundant, as your disk does a lot of the same interity checking. Maybe not with as much of a checksum, but still...


And honestly, I'd say run a VM of FreeNAS and see if you like it. 



As for ECC, not exactly. I think ... well, Wikipedia has a good article about that as well:


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An even better question is, "Where is your backup?". Backup is really your only true data protection. Duplication & Replication are fine, but they are really only resiliency -- they help keep your system going despite some degradation (like a failed drive), but they don't truly provide backup. Off Site backup is the most important, because it's what will protect your data in case of catastrophe (flood, fire, tornado, hurricane, theft, vandalism, Morlocks).

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