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What to do with 2nd copy of Essentials ?


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Ok, so some background.


I had a N40L with WHS 2011 since 2012 and I loved it.  Got all the features working (Remote Web App, media streaming, client backups, server backups, Word Press, iHomeserver, Mezzmo, etc). However with Media streaming (which is what I ended up using it for primarily), I found that it was underpowered... it would stutter now and then and take time loading, etc...


Lost my job, got severance so spent my spare time while looking for a job building a new 2012 R2 Essentials box to replace it.


I love it and still do. Wonderful Core I7. Got all the basics for home stuff working (Remote Web App, media streaming, client backups, server backup, etc). Media Streaming is flawless. I even setup Hyper-V but didn't install anything yet as I was just doing it just to figure it out.


I set it up with the wonderful 165 day evaluation version.


Got a new job. Can pay for the license....


However I screwed up when purchasing my license and got a 2012 Server Essentials (not the R2), so when I go to put in the key it gives me the finger. So that money is gone as it is opened.


So I have ended up with a license for server 2012 Essentials that I can't use.


Are there any suggestions from people for what I can setup with this? I still have my old N40L which is disconnected so I can build another server, but I don't think you can have a 2nd server with Essentials on the same network, plus what function would it serve?

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Thanks Poppapete. I do recall that thread now. I remember not understanding pcdoc's statement that it's not surprising there's no upgrade path to R2 since it's a different SKU. At the time I was thinking that there was an upgrade path from XP to Vista, and they're different SKUs, as well as from Vista to Win7 and Win7 to Win8, also with different SKUs. I think it was Drashna that posted that there had never been an upgrade path in the SBS line, so it kinda made sense there wouldn't be one to R2 as well.

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