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Gen8 Microserver - USB passthough issues ESX5.5U1


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Good afternoon all,


I'm having some issues with USB passthough into VMs on my Microserver Gen8. I've done a bit of googling and cant find much. This forum seems to host the most information with issues relating to PCI passthough on the microserver.

From what I can understand HP has withdrawn support for PCI passthough in the latest ESXi releases? Not sure if it is related.


Quick run down on spec:


Microserver Gen8 - latest BIOS update

ILO4 advanced licence - latest update

4x 1TB WD blacks RAID 1+0

16GB Ram (Kingston I think, cant remember)

Upgraded Xeon E3-1265L processor (to allow for VT-d - enabled in BIOS)


I'm currently running HP's customised ESXi 5.5U1 image booting from the internal micro-sd card. I made the mistake of upgrading my machine's virutal hardware...etc so I use vmware workstation to edit machine settings.

These issues remain on both upgraded v10 machines and standard (v8?) machines that have been built in esx5.5.


So the problem is the USB passthough. Forgive my naivety if this is not possible - I'm wanting to pass though USB keys and a USB ALFA wireless card (AWUS036NH) to Windows Server 2012 R2 and Linux VMs running on the host.

To begin with I enable the two (or three for USB3) controllers for passthough within the vsphere client and reboot.

I then add the controllers to the guest OS. They detect and install the controllers just fine.

The problem is then when attempting to add USB devices. No matter what devices I plug in, none are detected in the guest settings. It just says USB Devices (unavaliable). So I'm unable to proceed any further.


Does any one have any ideas? Am I just being an idiot? Do I need to downgrade to an earlier version of ESXi?


Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time.




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There is no USB3 pass through support through VMware or HP. Best you can do is pass through the USB2 ports.


There is no native OS support for the USB3 controllers etc. You have to load a proprietary driver.

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