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WHS 2011 Product key not sticking


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I have a home built WHS 2011 that randomly will ask for the product key to be retyped. Every time I put it in it validates and then runs fine for a few days. I bought the OEM copy of WHS 2011 from Newegg and it was sealed and the packaging looked fine so I suspect there is some service or something in the registry causing the issue.


I am also noticing that occasionally (not always at the same time) my client back-ups go from Setup to Not Set-up. I am starting to wonder if these are related.


I did some searching around and have not come up with any fixed but maybe I am not searching for the right issue and this is just a symptom of something else being wrong.


The only apps I am using are Stable Bit's Drive Pool and Bizmodeler's iHomeserver for ITunes.


Any idea for places I could start to look?


Also I have a fairly large movie library, if I did reinstall, would I likely lose everything on the Drive pool?


Thanks ahead of time for any help.

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You haven't said anything about your configuration, but you shouldn't lose anything in the drive pool, as long as none of the drive pool is on the OS drive. In these forums, we pretty much recommend always using a separate drive for the OS anyway.


I haven't reinstalled for a while, so I can't recall for sure, but I would be a little concerned about reinstalling the OS onto a drive that has data on it. Even if, in theory, it's not supposed to damage a data partition, I'd still be concerned. I would want at least 2 separate backup copies of the data.


Bottom line: if your data pool is on separate data drives, not on the OS drive, you are good to go. DrivePool will rediscover the pool(s) once you reinstall it on the WHS2011.

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