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I'm looking for a USB OTG solution for the Venue 8 Pro. I've done some searching but I'm either finding gimmicky-looking solutions or confusion about the Android-based Venue and the 8 Pro. I want to be able to attach an USB device and charge the Venue at the same time? Is that possible?


I'm also seeking info on whether micro-USB to HDMI works with this device. I don't see why it shouldn't but I was wondering if any of you are successfully using one. I wonder if I'm looking for a Plugable 3.0 docking station?



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I guess I'll answer part of my own question about charging the Venue 8 Pro with a powered OTG: hacks being the exception, it's not possible to do this with anything but the included charger.


As for the micro-USB to HDMI solution, the Plugable UD-3900 is a pretty nice device but it's about $100 more than wanted to spend.

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Check monoprice I have see them there. I have to get a usb hub and charger hack for my 3 here at work. I can report back next week.  Question for you is your DVP8 a 32 or 64 gig??


I have 2 64 and one 32 here and I borked my image partition on the 32. My problem is the 64 image will not work for the 23gb pro8.  Odd yes very.  So I am looking for a img of a 32 to get this DVP8 back on its feet.




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