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essentials r2 data center

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Drashna Jaelre

I would actually look at this: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/evaluate-hyper-v-server-2012-r2


set it up as your host, unlimited license no frills or other roles required... do your VMs with anything else you desire.

HyperV Server has always been a good choice. It may be a PITA to set up initially, but once it's deployed and configured, it's awesome (IMO).

However, it is 10x easier to setup and manage if you have a domain controller on the network already (yes, I know, not a "home" thing). Because you can use Windows Deployement Services to deploy the OS, and have it joined to the domain by default, and use group policy to enable remote management by default (I do so), and log in with domain accounts without any issues.


You'd almost think I love domains here.... :P




I'm curious to know now... would it be possible to say breakup the Essentials license to run on Hyper-V Server 2012 R2? Say, a VM without Essentials Role, and another with it... two guests on Hyper-V...???

Nope, The essentials license is VERY specific and meant for OEM deployment. (aka, less prone to hardware failure, and much easier to get off the ground again). It only has rights to run "itself" in a VM. You're not allowed to run ANY other VMs on HyperV in essentials. 

However, you can run Essentials in a HyperV Server VM without any issues (other than needing the 1 license).


However, Standard... you may want to look at.

It gets you the host OS, HyperV and two VMs. One of which can be "downgraded" to essentials. So that's the host, Essentials and a VM (for Exchange/SQL/etc). It's more pricey, but much much more flexible. You may need CALs...


Correct, the licence is all or nothing. 

Definitely trust what he says. :)

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Hi John   I am going to put it onto a standard box, quad core 32 gb ram ect, i ve got to order the rest of my harddrives this weekend and then all is ready to go, but i think ill install the os rega

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