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problem installing video card


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I am repurposing an old slimline hp computer from around 2009 as my game room media center and it needed a graphics card update (mainly to get hdmi to the TV and hopefully get a little better playback of my videos). It has a 3 core AMD (atholon I think) with some sort of NVIDIA video chipset built in. I am trying to put in a NVIDIA geforce 610 card but have ran in to some problems. I have gotten video on the TV from the card and used it so I think the card is good.


What has happened so far:

Uninstall the video drivers, shut down, install card, turn on  computer.

If I wait the video will show up from the card but after the bios has ran, it seems to only work when windows is booted.


The first time it installed a driver and I lost usable video, I had a black screen and intermittently I could move the mouse and see it for a few seconds and it would disappear and leave the black screen and then if I moved the mouse I coup'd see it again and then it would go away. After that I restarted the computer and had to plug in the other monitor to the internal chipset to get video


The second time I was right after the first and all I did was uninstall the NVIDIA surf in the add and remove programs and restart just plugged in to the hdmi from the card. After a wile it came on tone screen again and again no bios screen just straight windows 8 lockscreen. I quickly ran the install disk not waiting for it to automatically install the drivers its self and it worked and rebooted the computer. I played wit it for a little while and it seemed ok but I ran windows update and there was a NVIDIA update so I ran it and I went back to the black screen where every now and then I Gould get the mouse to show up. I forced a restart with the power button and had to hook back up the old monitor with VGA connected to the internal graphics.


I thought about going in to the bios trying to switch the primary video to the PCI 2.0 slot but was afraid of messing something up and not being able to get any video out after that change but even if I did that I would have to di it from the internal graphics because I can't get to it from the discreet card at all.


I have a very un scientific idea that it is the internal chipset driver install and updates that are causing the problems and that I just need to make sure that I don't install the internal drivers but then I think why can't I see the bios when connected to the card and I only bet video when windows has booted.


Please help,





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Sounds to me like the card is not seated properly or there is perhaps dust in the PCI slot.

As you say, if the card were dead you would not see anything, but intermitance tends me toward the above conclusion.

Either that or the HDMI cord has the same issue.

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It appears that the new video card is being recognized as a secondary display and Windows is configured for extended display. Having a blank/black display with the mouse cursor showing when you move it wide enough is a tell-tale sign that Windows has booted up to the login screen ( on the primary display). This is rare but not totally an impossibility. Windows will usually ignore disconnected displays and always pick one of the connected monitor as the primary. Apparently, something is preventing that.


If you have two displays; TV and a standard monitor, connect and power up both displays. Login to Windows when prompted and right-click on the desktop. Select display resolution or something to that effect, select the display where your TV is connected to (likely the no. 2 display) and put a check on 'use as primary/active display' or something. The active display should then switch to your TV after you click apply or ok.


Sorry, I'm typing this from memory so the actual wordings could be different.

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