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DrivePop Incompatible With Windows 8


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I have battled an issue for several months with my Internet connection dropping out intermittently. After an incredible amount of troubleshooting by myself and my internet provider. The problem was narrowed down to DrivePop Livedrive software on my Windows 8.1 Pro computer.


I submitted a service ticket with DrivePop. DrivePop technician told me Livedrive software is incompatible with Windows 8 and there is no date on when it will be compatible. I cancelled my lifetime DrivePop subscription and received a refund.


Here is the issue. Livedrive is unable to open the proper port and opens multiple instances of port 443. This was intermittently bringing down my entire network causing intermittent no connection with my ISP. I tested this on another Windows 8.1 computer and had the same problem.

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