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Podcast 67, what do you think ?


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Hi Everyone,

This week our main topic was " What you/we thought about Power Pack 3"

Also we covered the Time Traveler addin, would you buy it at $30 ?
I like what Tranquil is bringing to WHS, they are making full WHS images available for download, created a server help addin, starting in the new year they will upgrade their mobo to the D510MO that supports 1080p, They will be adding more software to the server including AVA Media's CD ripping, their home server supports 5 drives & they have a slave unit. But you will have to part with alot of cash.

Ok, I guess you can tell that I'm starting to like Tranquil. Now that it's December, I'm hoping HP will make the 3.0 software available for DOWNLOAD soon, that's right, I said download. If Tranquil can do it, than HP can.

Have a great week folks,

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So the whole AC3 thing. (btw, AC3 is simple Dolby Digital) It's not DRM, at all. It's licensing. Microsoft does not have the license to decode the AC3. It's that simple. It can play it fine, but it cannot strip out the AC3. Because the Zune doesn't have the license to even play AC3, the transcoding process then tries to transcode the AC3 down to stereo sound. Because the transcoding process can't decode AC3... well you get the idea.
At least that's how I understand it.

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I've been mainly looking forward to the tv archiving in PP3, but i've been having the error "TV archive does not have permission to access this folder" fresh win 7 install of release version. Finally solved it by RDP into the HTPC and changing the Windows Media Center TV Archive Transfer Service from using 2Local account to my named admin account that has full access to the WHS restarted the service and the transfers started right away.
Thanks for the show guy's you're doing a great job love the format.


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Not sure if the info is that right after all. When transfering the shows it reaches 99% then an error pops up saying the service has stopped, i then have to restart it manually, the funny thing is that the show has been transfered.

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Episode 67,

To be honest I listen to it while flying from Montreal to Winnipeg today and loved it(the show). Lots of information and special interest such as:

I have one of these puppies, which I acquired about 1 year ago now. I had it shipped from the UK which was a no brainer. Fed-Ex next day. No need for a USA distributor or Canadian distributor, although it might increase sales.... hint hint. This SQA-5H of mine has 1.5TB in all five drive bays and the dual-CPU mother board is more then enough for all of my WHS needs, although I will be upgrading to the new D510 board soon; just because...it's available and they offer an upgrade path.(for less then a banana, which is what this geeks-monkey needs. Hey I may be able to graduate my title like Diehard'er) I will probably also look next year at adding another 5 drive bays via e-sata connector and the available expansion slave box...nice 10TB. Tranquil-PC offers great support as well; I am very pleased with my investment. As for the server help add-in, you can install and un-install as required...which keeps privacy concerns at appropriate distance.

The AVA Media's CD ripping software is also very nice.

The HD HomeRun box is making me hungry for one... I see great reviews, any comment from the HomeServerShow host on his experience....which has changed the way he watches TV... how? Is it because its available for anyone on the network? My issue is that I have to go through a PVR (Atlanta Scientific as well) else I only get a few free cable channels at best...not much over-the-air stuff available in this foreign country up north. (haha).

I'll need to listen to the show again to get all of the comments and check out all the links... but as always great show.

Yours Truly,

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Thanks for taking the time to listen to the podcast and the kind comment above.

We mostly talk about HP's boxes because they are the most common in the US, but I wanted to give Tranquil some support to. I will also try and comment on the Acer box. It's available here to in Montreal. I'm looking forward to some reviews on the Asus TS Mini.

Your right, Dave's got us going on the HD Homerun. Btw, I picked up a HDTV antenna and was able to do a MCE7 hack to bring in about 10 channels.

Nice to hear from a Montrealer.

A bientot,
John (homeservershow).

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You stated "Btw, I picked up a HDTV antenna and was able to do a MCE7 hack to bring in about 10 channels."

and you did not put a link.... shame shame.... here is the link " Ok, I found my answer on The Green Button, http://thegreenbutton.com/blogs/pnear/archive/2009/08/10/enabling-atsc-amp-qam-in-canada-for-windows-7-rtm.aspx "

I want to do that to..since I'm 40 minutes from the USA Vermont border

Not Montreal, but rather Eastern Townships.

I see you got your HP toy... that UPS lady was sure nice and fast.

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