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Seem to be having trouble with this... after I broke the Anywhere Access on my own accord, I decided to reinstall WSE 2012 R2 from scratch and now despite the server telling me that anywhere access is working, I cannot access it from the web on any clients.Using loopback in IE on the server itself will bring me to the remote sign in page, but using the #####.remotewebaccess.com that has been assigned from any other computer results in "the page cannot be displayed"I have a feeling it might be related to a certificate? but do not have any idea how to fix it. So far the Server Manager has been useless in helping me identify the issue. Tried "repairing" anywhere access several times and it always results in "anywhere access has been repaired."thoughts?

and now looks like I have a windows update that refuses to install, after several restarts & using the windows update repair tool. Maybe I'll start from scratch again.. ugh.

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Can you access the server locally over HTTPS?

If so, check the certificate. If its the "wrong one", then you should be good.


I'd also recommend using a service such as proxy.org to verify that it's accessible from the outside, as most consumer router's don't handle NAT properly (no loopback adapter on the router)

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