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new Internet Explorer flaw

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Microsoft has confirmed a new zero-day vulnerability in IE versions 6 through 11. A successful exploit can give Black Hats complete control over the computer.


From what I gather, the attack is being used against specific US defense and finance companies, and it requires a user to browse to an infected web site.


This is yet another great example of why it's a bad idea to use a server to browse the web.

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This is going to be a fun week at work if they release an out of band patch.  The distribution is easy, the change management process is so much work.


It's even scarier that MS is no longer patching XP and its affected.  Many of our clients still have XP in the environment even with all the warnings.

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If you have a support contract with MS I believe you can still get security patches for XP, but they won't be available to the public. More importantly, this is an IE flaw, rather than XP per sé, so it should be possible to get a fix, even if it might involved upgrading IE.

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