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Trouble Port Forwarding Remote Access Card


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Hi all,


Just got my N54L the other day, done all the upgrades... SSD in ODD bay, BIOS mod, 16GB RAM and I'm really happy with it all, but the Remote Access Card (which is vital to me as I can't have the server on all the time) isn't playing ball when it comes to being able to access it outside my LAN?


Am I correct in thinking the port that needs to be opened is the 'remote port' under 'vKVM & vMedia'? As far as I can tell, I've done everything correctly in my router settings page (it's not the first time I've port forwarded, put it that way!) so I am really stumped as to what is going on...


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Kind regards,




EDIT: Just found the correct ports under 'services' and I'm in, but now if I try and view the server, I just get the Java error cannot load native library? I was getting that before using the VM Viewer, but now with the external IP I'm getting it with the KVM one too!?

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