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Ready to give up on Essentials 2012!

Big Worm

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I have to say Essentials 2012 has not been as good as previous editions.  This thing is picky as hell.  I have been for 2 weeks now try to figure out why backups where failing when they where running fine before.  Finally got most of my clients running except for 1.  I still cannot figure out why one client machine will not backup.  I noticed a few threads on here asking for help on the same thing.  Before this I ran WHS 24/7 with no problems.


Is anybody having a happy experience?



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I have been planning on migrating to R2 but since I have been having so many issues with this one kind of puts a bad taste.  And migration is not easy.

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Is this for the client backup specifically?


If so, check in "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Server\Logs" for the backup logs.

Also, check the event viewer on the client for both the windows server related errors, as well as VSS errors (do you have any imaging software such as Acronis installed?).

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I'm guessing the IO error is for the drive that isn't backing up, right?

If so, then this would be the source of the issue.


Have you checked the drives health? 

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