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Weird SMART behavior


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Uncorrectable and Pending sector counts actually will decrease.


If the disk is able to access the sectors in question, or able to reallocate them, the value *will* drop. This is normal, and "healthy" actually.


If it makes you feel any better, I freaked out a bit when that happened to one of my disks recently. From ~700 sectors to 16. 


Thanks Christian! That DOES make me feel better. I was hoping you would see this post. I knew if anyone would know - YOU would! I guess I won't worry about it. It's been a few weeks now and the drive appears to have stabilized back at the "one bad sector" level. I was just worried because that particular drive has over 1160 days on it. I think the refreshing routines that Stabil-Bit uses really helps to get the maximum life out of these consumer grade drives. I have it set to refresh the drive's surface every 30 days.

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Welcome. :)


And yeah definitely. Though... unfortunately for my disks, once I started using them, they came back. So keep an eye out. But it is definitely "normal" for the issue to resolve it self and not come back.


And it's not as much of "refreshing routines", as it is just periodic access of the data that prevents "data rot". It triggers the onboard error correction of the disks. But yes, it does help to keep your data safe, and your disks healthy. Which is definitely the goal.


And all things considered, I actually have Scanner set to scan my disks every 14 days (though I may change that to 7. It's always on, and usually active. And it makes me feel safer. :)

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