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Is This a Power Supply Issue?


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Hi all - 


I've got an HP Media Smart EX 485 running WHS v1.  Since having the machine, I'd only had the original 750gb HDD in there, but a few months ago upgraded to 3 new 1TB drives.  Went through the cloning process to clone my system drive, which kept coming up as "unhealthy" and :failing" (a long thread, with great help from users is here:)  All seemed to go well with my new drives until a week ago when the following happened:  


I suddenly had trouble accessing the server at all, through the console, RDC, couldn't even ping it, then I discovered that the server started shutting itself down and restarting itself.  It would briefly power it self up, no drive lights came on, although the three on the bottom did, then it would shut down.  I finally pulled the plug during one of its "down" cycles.


Then today, based on some advice from my previous thread, I opened the server, pulled the three drives, tried to clean out out some of the dust and check the fans.  I then put the drives back in, and plugged power back into the server.  Essentially the same thing happened, although now, the cycle is even shorter.  I plug it in, the fans seems to run for a moment, the blue/white lights on the bottom of the server flash, for maybe 2 or 3 seconds, then it shuts itself off,and a second or two after that tried to start up again.


I have absolutely no idea what to so and am not that technically capable.  I was pretty nervous going through that whole cloning process.


I really hope there is a solution, since I just dropped some money on those new hard drives, not to mention my music and photo collection that's stored on them.


Really hoping someone can help 


Thanks so much!

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Sounds like the power supply is about to die.


I had a MediaSmart server continuously reboot. But that was because I changed a setting in the BIOS. I doubt you did that.


If you do replace the power supply, chances are the server will be inaccessible for a while because it will start a chkdsk once it gets going.

It's very important that you placed the system drive back into the bottom most slot. I hope you kept track.

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Diehard - I did indeed label the drives - it seemed important, especially since all three are now the same brand and size!  And,no, I'm pretty sure I didn't change any BIOS settings.  I barely know how to get into that for my PC let alone the server!


So the obvious question from the newbie here is - how exactly do I go about replacing the power supply?  Just do a search for "Media Smart EX485 Power Supply?"  Are there specific brands/models that are recommended?


I'm thinking that the hardware part, the actual replacing of it won;t be that difficult, since, having the new one, I'll know what to remove from the server.


And lastly, when you say "inaccessible for a while," are you talking about an hour, a few hours, or more like my experience with cloning, like 18 hours or so?


Again, all help SOO greatly appreciated!

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I would simply refer you to the other thread you started, where I posted some more thoughts. Not sure why you started a new thread.

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The MediaSmartServer.net forums have many topics on replacing and/or repairing power supplies




Apparently they are wired up differently than regular small power supplies of that size. There is a post there on how to rewire a power supply if you can find a similar one locally






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