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With Gen8 is B120i good enough for multiple drives and hot swapping


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So I am thinking about buying the Gen 8  running whs2011 maybe on two mirrored SSD's if possible


I also have a couple 4TB drives I would like to throw in. All of these I would like so I could hot swap in disks as needed. I guess you call this raid 10.


Does this sound doable or do I need a p222 card?



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The drives are not Hot Swap.


With the B120i:

You could mirror (i.e. RAID1) two SSD's for the OS drive -- I would suggest slots 1 & 2 of the drive cage -- those are the SATA III ports.

You could then mirror (i.e. RAID1) two 4TB Drives for your data drive -- Slots 3 & 4 of the drive cage -- those are the SATA II Ports.


You would need four 4TB Drives to create a RAID10 for your data http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2010/08/raid-levels-tutorial/ 

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