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Duplicate Entries in Network Browser


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Question for the Network Guru's in the group


My  NAS Box  shows up twice when I browse the "network" on my windows 7 machine.


One shows up as "STORA" and the other is "STORA2"


Both seem to work and they both point to the same device.


Doesn't seem to bother anything but the OCD part of me is not leaving this alone


any quick suggestions on what is happening ?




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I've seen this before even on Windows clients that are accessing a Windows server. It usually goes away after reboots in those cases; not sure about yours. Don't know what's happening but I suspect it's the universe's way of getting you to deal with your OCD ;)

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Rebooting the router by itself didn't fix it


But this sequence did , based on your collective suggestions


1 shut the NAS down

2 flush DNS on both affected clients, then shutdown

Reboot the router

Startup the client machines

Startup the NAS


Now the voices in my head can switch to a different topic


Thanks to all for the suggestions. Did not know about flushdns

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