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ESXi with VT-d passthrough on Gen8


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Can anyone confirm if its possible to use ESXi and a CPU that supports VT-d (probably E3-1265LV2) to present the 4 AHCI drive bays to a VM, but keep the ODD SATA port with the hypervisor?


I want to put a SSD on the ODD port and use it between multiple VMs using multiple VMDKs, but one VM must have full control of the 4 bay AHCI disks for SMART monitoring etc.


Also, does anyone know if a USB FTDI serial converter can be used with ESXi, either as a pass-through or some other way?

I have another application I want to run in a VM that needs a serial port, but the G8 doesnt have one on-board.


Don't want to spend a lot of money on a CPU upgrade to find it doesnt work as expected...




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