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Problems Adding Media Center To Surface Pro 2


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I just got myself a Surface Pro 2 and want to add Media Center as I use My Movies and was looking at the Surface as a replacement for my Desktop PC.  I've tried using the "Add Features" wizard and it keeps saying "We couldn't process your order" and under that it says "Check your payment info and try again".  I've checked and rechecked the payment details and they are fine.  I've used several different credit cards and get the same result.


So I called Microsoft support, what a fun experience that has been, I've talked to the Store, Technical Support, Windows Support, Accounts and Billing, Surface Support and even got to the tier 2 technical support.  But they each say its nothing they can help with and send me to another area. It appears there is no way to purchase Media Center apart from via the add features wizard.


I've got TechNet so I even setup another Windows 8 Pro machine under Hyper-V and tried to purchase a key via that but that didn't work either.


I tried linking the Surface to an old ADSL modem I've got and used that for my internet connection with the firewall on the modem turned off and the windows firewall also turned off, I know not overly safe but I was running out of ideas by then, but still I get the same error.


I've tried doing reinstalling windows from PC Setting's and using a new Microsoft account to make sure it wasn't something to do with my account, but no joy.


There are no messages in the event log.


Does anybody here have any other ideas?  I'm pretty much all out of ideas, I've spent the last week trying different things and still no joy.


Has anybody added Media Center to their Surface Pro 2 in the last little while and did it work?



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I feel for you, but I'm afraid you're going to hear the sound of crickets. I can't imagine there are very many people who have tried this. I hope someone comes through for you.

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Yeah thanks ikon, I think your right.  I've done some more testing on a second Windows 8 Pro laptop and I get the same thing.  I also tried from our guest network at work which routes via the US rather than New Zealand.  When I try that the pay via Paypal option comes up (doesn't when its thinks I'm in New Zealand) but actually never gets to the bit where it asks for the PayPal account details so I'm 99% sure its a problem at the Microsoft end rather than my end.  I'll try Microsoft support again tonight and see how I get on.

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