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Need Help with configuring Intel® Server Board S2600JFQ


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Hi all!


I want to build a web and mail server for myself only.  I went only and bought the Intel Server Board S2600JFQ thinking is would work and look like any other mother board that fill fit into a E-ATX chassis and will work with any power supply. So I bought the correct CPU and a normal 600W power supply and 2 SSD'S.  But I saw that the board only has two 6pin power connectors and upon further research I found that this board goes into a NODE and is part of Intel® Server System H2000JF chassis. 


I tried to return the board to the supplier for refund but they said that that is not possible and now I'm waiting to hear if I can exchange it.  But what if they don't.


So my question is:  do I really need to buy these parts:  power supply: FXX1200PCRPS? -- Power Distribution board: FXXCRPSPDB?

if I have to buy these... how do I connect everything to work?  or can I make this work with a normal power supply and a normal chassis?


Thank you for the help,



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From Intel's description "High Performance Computing" I suspect this board is aimed at universities and other institutions where they do large scale number crunching: protein folding, weather analysis, ocean currents, etc., etc. From my experience that's what HPC is code for.


If I'm right, this board is intended to be ganged up with a bunch of other boards like it, so they can work in parallel.


I don't think it's going to work for what you want. If the supplier won't refund or exchange, I would look to sell it on eBay and get yourself a more normal server board that's targeted at 'the rest of us'.


I could be wrong. If I am, I hope another member jumps in and offers better ideas.

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Thank you ikon and schoondoggy,


Finally got to speak with one of Intel's engineers and they gave me the full breakdown on how the board works and how to configure it.

Sad to say this is exactly as the both of you ikon and schoondoggy have suggested, this is a high end board that is designed for parallel configuration and I do need all the parts mentioned in my first post to make this board work.


So if the supplier doesn't give me a refund or exchange I will sell this online.


consider this thread answered.


Thank you. 

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