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Microserver N54L - Will it do what I'm looking for?


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Hey all,


So I'm looking at the N54L on Amazon and eBay and they're about €200 at the minute which isn't too bad for what I've read is a pretty versatile, customisable little machine.


I'm currently running a DELL Precision 690 as a home server with AD, WSUS, VPN, file/print, and a media server all running across 3 Server 2008 R2 /2012 Hyper-V servers.

The machine itself has 24GB RAM, 2x 3Ghz Xeons and 3x 1.5TB in RAID 5 via an adaptec card. But it's a noisy enough beast, weighs a tonne and is fairly heavy on the electric bill as it runs 24x7 so I'm looking at downsizing and consolidating a bit. I have a buyer for the machine so I'm thinking of investing back into a newer, smaller, and more power-efficient option.


I'm thinking:


-  3/4 2TB disks in RAID 5

-  16GB RAM

-  Server 2012 R2 as a host running a Hyper-V AD/DNS/DHCP server and a 2nd Hyper-V for the Mezzmo media server app


So the question is.. will the 54L run this sort of setup comfortably? Any issues I should be aware of, extra components I would need etc?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions/feedback :)

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I wouldn't really want to balance three Hyper-V VMs running full-time on a dual-core Turion II N54L.  On the other hand, your Precision 690 is overkill.


Have you considered a Gen8 Microserver?  You can put a single Xeon in it, run it with 16GB of RAM, and it would be a much better choice for balancing the load.  Or even do a Core i3 (two-core, four-thread).  Your Adaptec card should slot in nicely, and you have remote access built-in.


Also, like you said, I'd consolidate your VMs.  While I'd probably compartmentalize at work (at work, I try to avoid running file servers on an AD controller) I might do it differently at home, as I'm not serving files for a ton of user accounts and having to worry about rolling over domains to new server operating systems that quickly and having to migrate file shares.


If you aren't running 30 workstations at home, ditch WSUS and save yourself the file space, and just let your individual workstations be patched.  Definitely do it the way you're talking about (one VM for AD/DHCP/DNS with file/print, and one for media).  Or, even do the media server on your primary as well --that's what I'm doing; my server mainly uses shares and my HTPC pulls from there.

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