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I was paying about $110 for my 50/5 but Comcast is giving me a "Beta" like account here at my home and I am testing their 105mbps service and I am averaging between 101-127mbps down and upload I am averaging about 18-24 on the upload.  Best part of the deal was that because I am using a "Beta" service in my area they gave it to me at zip zero cost the only thing I am paying for is my TV service at $38/mo.  When the service is officially rolled out I will get a 50% discount for the life of my account on my 105mbps service.   At my work we have a 50/10 with 5 static IP's and we pay a whoping $349.00/mo. from TimeWarner I cannot wait to have another option in my area there is rumor of a fiber line being available soon at a significant discount from what we pay now.  The expected cost would be $199.00 for a 80/40 with an unknown cost for my /29 IP space.  But they have been saying they will be running that fiber line for nearly a year now.  LOL

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I agree, and I'm totally behind net neutrality, around the world.

$349 for a business account isn't all that bad, especially with 5 static IPs. I do find the 10Mbps upload a bit on the low side though for a business account.

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