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WHS v1 File Recovery


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I have a WHS v1.



It was running low on disk space



Noted a DE folder seemed to be copy of another folder and deleted. The folder was too large for the recycle bin and was permanently deleted.  The server only has one HD but other USB and SATA had been connected for various reasons none of which was to extend the drive.



Took a few days to notice some files and pics where not coming up correctly.



Tried to recover DE folder using undelete tools



After recovery tried to restore to previous state for server to recover settings



Tried to reinstall WHS.



I stored the server away figuring all is lost about 12-18 months ago. I recently had to recover some windows 7 files let reminded me about this server. I figure I would throw this out to a forum before I call it quits. The lost files are mainly family pic and videos.



I have main folder, DE folder and .dat files. Is there a way to rebuild or recreate the files?



Any help and feedback is appreciated.


Thanks in advance,



M Magdech


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I think diehard is your best resource for this.


Unfortunately, it appears you have learned the hard way the importance of having a good backup strategy. If you want to pursue that avenue (backup stratedy) for the future, just let us know; there are quite a few resources here for that.

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... Oh no!!!



Yeah, you're basically screwed...... Never mess with those "DE" folders.

The only way to rebuild the pool would be to copy the contents of the DE folders to D:\ (there should be a "shares" and "folders" folder in the DE folder). Overwrite, and it should fix the issue.

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