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Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System - Woot $79.99


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I also use one of these in my house and we are very happy with it.


We ported our House phone # to it without a problem.

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Best invention ever. Smokes Vonage. Recommend implementing QoS to dedicate bandwidth to Ooma for acceptable voice quality.

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Ha ha


I got mine at woot.com a year or so ago. Zero regrets.  I paid $99 though!  We pay $4 monthly for service and it's great.

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How do I use this with my Lumia 900??  (Ikon ducks and runs for cover ;) )

If you are cheap you could consider running the free version of 3CX (2 concurrent calls) on your server and buying a pstn gateway (Allows your IP PBX to connect to your normal landline). This would allow you to just install any sip client. I'm sure there are heaps for Windows phones and you can also run any sip handset in your home. I'm currently running 3CX at home and have 2x Skype SIP trunks one in UK , 1 in New Zealand So I can call home for free and have a number to call that routes here to the UK from NZ I pay a few quid a month for both of the trunks and that's it. I do have a conventional line also that 3CX uses for local calling.

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If you're really cheap <cough> you could use MagicJack and for $17 a year do it all.  Plus they have an App so as long as you have a Wireless Connection, you can connect to your MJ phone.  Used it for a year from Afghanistan and it saw me as making a local call.

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It was a joke guys :D I don't have a landline. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Ooma would have a hard time without one, yes?

Your wrong.....Ooma is a VOIP device.  It uses your internet connection to make phone calls.

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