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Can't Access Server - Continuous Automatic Restarting?


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Hi all - 


Desperate for help again!


As of last night I could not access my server - I tried through the console and through Remote Desktop.  Neither worked.  I also got into the command prompt and could not even ping the server from my PC   I had two blue lights and then the one on the left was flashing red (it has, for past few months been solid read due the errors in the backup database I haven't had the time to fix.)


This morning I tried again and then saw something kind of freaky happening - As I sat and tried to access it again, I realized that the server was shutting itself down and then restarting.  It's why last night I could actually login in the console once or twice, but the connection was severed as it shut itself down.


I've never seen this happen and have no idea what to do - can anyone help?



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If you killed the power in the past. It could be that the server is automatically running chkdisk on all the drive and reboots after each drive is checked. So it will have to reboot 4 time (4 Drives in the server). If you kill it before 4 reboots, then the process will start all over again.

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