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Easy mod to add more 2.5" or 3.5" drives to a T20


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I was trying to move cables to use this 3.5" mount in the T20:


Then I remembered this four drive 2.5" mount and thought I would try it:



SSD's fit fine, WD VR will not fit:


And it mounts fine. Just need to install my RAID controller



By adding this bracket the drive count could be:

Four 3.5" drives

Four 2.5" drives

Two 2.5" or one ODD in the ODD bay


Eight drives and a ODD or ten drives!

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What's the array size that you plan to connect with 4 x 2.5" SSD/HDD's and total cost of this, including the extra RAID controller ? Bearing in mind that 1 x 3TB, NAS standard, HDD over here in the UK is about £90 -£100 ( I think that is roughly, very roughly, about $140 - $160)


Did you manage to get all the screws in without too much hole adjustment? I understand that the pictures show a dummy run with the items just placed in without securing.


Nice job...

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The Orico bracket is $6 at NewEgg. 

I intend to use a Dell H310 RAID controller, $75-100 on eBay.

I plan on putting four older 60GB SSD in a RAID0 to do some VM testing, in addition to four 2TB 3.5" drives in a RAID5. 

The screws on the drives aligned fine. I need to punch one hole on the Dell and I needed to use a shoulder screw on the back.

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What if you removed the tabs -- or bent them out of the way?  If those are 9mm SSD's in there now it looks like you may have room.

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Nice find schoondoggy!

After looking at these pictures I ordered a few Orico brackets myself.

Is there any chance to securely mount this bracket in order to handle 4x 2.5'' mechanical HDDs? Low rpm not standard 7.2k or 10k.

Also... any chance this could fit the 2 drive cage below it? If you remove the blue plastic caddies would it fit?

Do you happen to know any 2 drive bracket/cage that could fit the space this bracket sits? I mean... one for 2x 3.5'' instead of this one for 4x 2.5''.

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