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HP N40L - new build help


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Hi All,


I've recently managed to get hold of a HP N40L MicroServer and not sure really where to start. I got it with the intention of a testlab to help with my certs but I've read so much more that you can actually do with these.


Here's the current setup:

1 x 250GB that it originally came with it (pre-installed with Server 2012 R2 Standard)

2 x 4GB (8GB) RAM

1 x DualPort Gigabit NIC PCI-E Low Profile HP PRO1000PT NC360T

DVD-RW Drive

(2 x spare WD 160GB HDDs)




I initially want to set it up as an ESXi server, with pfsense and any other OSes that i want to try this out with

My plan is to setup a VM for the pfSense install, and also setup the dual NICs as teaming for a different vm (Windows 2012) if possible



Thing is I havent really got a clue where to start.

If i install pfsense, do i need a physical connection from the LAN port?

I'm sure someone has done this before...any ideas on an idiots guide to this install?


also the NIC teaming thing (as above), if it were possible would i be able to set this up for faster connection speeds within the network?



apologies for the noob questions...but any suggestions on the build (eg. to add extra HDDs and RAID for example????)




Also, im thinking of replacing my exisiting Netgear Stora (2 x 1.5TB) with this...any suggestions on how to setup a replacement NAS VM?

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Well, it depends on what hyperV you use. But you can usually create a "virtual switch" to pass connect the VMs to the network.

For pfSense, you will want 3 physical NICs. One for management, one for WAN and one for the internal network. (or two, if you want to use pfsense only for the VMs)

Though you'll also need to make sure you use the legacy NIC for ESXi, IIRC.



But I think the best option is to install and experiment. 

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