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2 Remote access Severs?

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Yes, but by taking the time to learn this, you can have two portals with Remote Access running from home using one external IP address.  It's really not that hard.   Excellent for someone who is try

I don't modify IIS to do this; I use different ports on my router and redirect them to the default IIS port, but on different IP addressess. For example, I will have my router redirect http://mydomain

Maybe I'm getting confused between WHSv1 and 2011. OK, so try http://<servername or internal IP>:<AlternatePort#>/connect. That alternate port # would be the one we used to replace port 80.

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No joy on the :80 replacement.

Just a thought, in case this is binding related. What if we rollback the WHS to pre-bindings and remap the ports on the router. Both servers will be LAN side thinking they are the main box on the default ports. The problem yesterday was getting the WSE Anywhere Access software wizard to complete and setup properly. That is done now, so it should work.

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I just confirmed on my system that the URL is http://<servername>/connect.


I realize this will make you cringe ;) but you might need to try re-binding IIS back to port 80. I don't think you would need to re-bind back to 443. If you recall, we didn't truly establish that the port 80 remapping was actually required; we found the Firewall issue instead. So, you may be able to run IIS on the WHS using port 80 and the remapped 443 going forward.


BTW, these kinds of 'gotchyas' are exactly why I was reluctant to go the IIS remapping route to start with. If we could have gotten away without remapping 443 on the WHS IIS, it would have been preferable. This will make an interesting addendum to the blog post :)

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Sorry, was eating, am back :)


Okay, will give the url a try, though /connect should work so I suspect this will be suffering the same fate. Will step back the :80 binding if that doesnt work. Won't be long :)

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