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2 Remote access Severs?


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I am in the process of setting up a new server running WHS2011, I also have an existing server running WHS V1. I have through each server operating system set up remote access but it appears the I can't have two servers running even though they are named differently through separate windows live id's.


Can I have two severs running with remote access to each?



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Stumbling around IIS tables if you don't know what your doing can be a nightmare...


A much simpler method is to use Teamviewer. Free for personal non commercial use.... A fellow Brit put me onto it when we were chatting on Teamspeak one evening. It's far superior to RDC :)

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Yes, but by taking the time to learn this, you can have two portals with Remote Access running from home using one external IP address.  It's really not that hard.


Excellent for someone who is trying to migrate from WHS2011 to 2012R2 Essentials.  You can get the trial for 180 days and do all the testing you need before going live.

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the problem that I have is my ISP supplied modem/router won't allow me to bind it or force a re direct in the port forwarding tables for more than instance of a service


this one




yup DL in excess of 120Mbps... but can't do simple stuff..... hence I'll stick with admin my server(s) and other computers  with a simple App on my Android  ( NO Windoze required !!! :) )



emmmmm... he's actually moving from whs v1 ------> whs2011 ...





@ Pepi1677... you'll find the section you need to edit in Server Manager (WHS2011 - the toolbox/computer tower icon in the task bar opens it)


Roles > Web Server (IIS) > Internet Information Services > Default Web Site > (Actions Pane) Bindings > Scroll down to HTTPS and click on to highlight and select Edit ......

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You should see three sites in there: (or at least in 2011)


Default - MAC - Wss Certificate Web Service


Highlight Default and now look in the Actions Pane (right Hand Column)  at the top there is a section called Bindings.  This is where you would make your changes.


On the test I did, I changed 80 to 8080 and 443 to 80443.


You then have to forward those ports in your gateway to the IP Address of the Server.




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As above... I did mention it can be a nightmare... but once you see the path it's plain to see from the directions (route) that jmwills and myself have laid out for you.


As suggested .... TAKE A QUICK BACKUP... just in case of a self inflicted wound should occur.


Once you mastered it  have a look here




Take the free personal option.... install to your main access computer at home... then simply install to both servers using the remote access install option in the setup/install program. Setting up the account email, settings on the clients etc and your done


Take it a step further and install the mobile app... from here




And you have full mobile access to both servers 24/7 from anywhere in your vast country... it works well on this small island as well :)


Run both for a while and take your pick.... Also consider RealVNC




Again it's quick, easy to learn and versitile....  and best of all you are no longer tethered to the Redmond Juggernaut

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