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Dell PowerEdge T20 Links

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Hopefully, as more information becomes available, this list of links will be useful to anyone interested in the Dell PowerEdge T20.  


Official Dell PowerEdge T20 G3220

Dell Store; Select Components & Pricing;

Overview & Tech Specs!!  Technical Guide!!  Server Spec Sheet!Drivers & Downloads!!


Official Dell PowerEdge T20 G3220



$199 SlickDeals G3220 2-26-2014;

$249 DealNews G3220 3-24-2014;

$249 Ben’s Bargains G3220 [Exp 3/31/2014];


$285Newegg G3220 3-28-2014;

$542 Newegg Xeon E3-1225 3-28-2014;

$300 Amazon G3220 3-28-2014!!


First Looks

Schoondoggy’s First Look 3-6-2014!!


CPU’s that have been confirmed upgraded/installed!!  LGA 1150 Haswell!!

            G3220 53W TDP 2/2 – Stock 3185 Avg CPU Mark

            Xeon E3-1225 V3 84W TDP 4/4 -- Stock  6868 Avg CPU Mark

            i3-4130 54W TDP 2/4 VT-x but No VT-d 4853 Avg CPU Mark – BigGrimTim 4-25-2014!!



Crucial #CT5092323;







HighPoint Rocket RAID 2720!   


Drives & Drive Performance

12.7mm ODD Fits!!


DVD & Blu-Ray Drives


Mods & Builds


Intel AMT Technology (with Xeon CPU)


OS's Experience




S2012-R2 E!!


WHS-2011!!   BigGrimTim 4-25-2014!!  

Ubuntu 13.04!!


Kubuntu 12.04 LTS!!


Fans & Sound/Noise


Power Consumption



CRN Review: Dell PowerEdge T20 Priced Like a NAS 3-19-2014!!

Puget Systems: Most Reliable Hardware of 2013!!

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Thank you very much for this valuable information!

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Confirmed that the Xeon E3-1275v3 works just great in the T20.  


Had to go in to the BIOS and turn on "Turbo" and "Hyperthreading".  Both were disabled by default on the Pentium G3220 machine I bought.

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folks, some of the links above are getting long in the tooth. having just spent $249 for one of these babies I looked to the above for getting started info and was somewhat disappointed.


I have enjoyed the above links that stay within the forums though, keep 'em coming!

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