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Dell T20


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Here it is!


Back view:


Side door latch:




Upper drive cage, two 3.5" and ODD:


Bottom drive cage for two 3.5":


ODD bay can hold two 2.5" drives and WD VR drives will fit:


Hmm,,, there is a big open spot that could hold four 3.5" drives:


If that cable can be moved, two 2.5" drives should fit in there:


Yup, its bigger:


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So shiny!


So pretty!


Drool.................................  If you just lived a little closer I'd be over this weekend with the PBR....................





(you know, I bet you could get good air circulation on a P222 in that :)  )

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I can see the pics all right....sniff.....dabs eyes


Pretty cool stuff, enjoy!


Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk

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The Lumia 925 takes a nice picture.


I checked with Dell, they dont have an approved RAID card now, but I am going to try their basic RAID card, PERC H310. It is LSI based and the go for $70 on ebay. RAID 0-1-10-5.


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I picked this up as well on sale, received it last Saturday. awesome build quality and I am very happy with how neat it is inside. I picked up the 2 port sata adapter they recommend and am running server 2012 R2 on a 64GB SSD, with 3 2TB drives in a simple pool, and 1 2TB backing up critical data from simple pool and the SSD. The ONLY problem I have had with this is I was only able to get 1 screw out of the drive cage! I had used exact fit screw driver and every screw but 1 was in so tight that it stripped when trying to unscrew it. I am going to call dell tomorrow and see what they will do about this. Again that was the only issue I have had and am happy I stumbled on this deal last week.


Note: you only need screws for the SSD/CD bay, everything else is screw-less.

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I've just ordered one for my customer and found three interesting facts.

1. The bay for the DVD RW is tiny - so looks like a special notebook looking DVD RW. So, that would need to be ordered with the server as a normal size will not fit.

2. Not just add Sata data cables but to connect a DVD RW also need to order a special power cable. Looks like it has 4 power sata connectors..2 for HDD and 1 for DVD or 2 for HDD and 2 for 2.5" HDD

3. The space for the DVD can also be used to install 2x 2.5" drives, but of course the DVD will not fit.


I'm receiving the server in the morning and will know for sure then.


The ODD bay uses a 9.5MM drive. The cable for the drive would be a slim sata like this, but you may have to adapt the power:


The manual says it is a 9.5MM ODD, but as far as I can see a 12.7MM fits fine:


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Got an email today.

My Dell T20 should arrive on Friday, which happens to be my birthday! 


Happy birthday! Nice present to yourself :D

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It boots incredibly fast.

It is quiet, I have not measured anything, but it seems very quiet.

Windows Server 2012E R2 installed with no effort on my part. I had to update drivers post install, but it is up an running.

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