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Performance losses on N40L with freeNAS


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Hey there,

I've a problem with my N40L, which runs with freeNAS 9.2.1 and 8GB RAM and 1x 500GB Harddrive (for testing)

I already managed to access a dataset (folder) over Windows 7 with CIFS. My problem is when I try to transfer a 1.3GB big file to my server it stucks between 20-40MB/s from my desktop to my HP, while from my HP to my desktop it goes about 50MB/s bit more constant.

Well I'm using a Marvell Youkon ETH controller in my computer, which may be the reason of a performance loss, because I got better results with an Intel Chipset (between 65-75MB/s) but, still that speed isn't awesome.


I've checked everything the cables are fine and I'm also currently talking with the guys from freeNAS but I thought it wouldn't be wrong to know if it isn't perhaps an issue of my HP instead of the running software. Does anyone know something I could try out?? Perhaps some BIOS settings?!


By-the-way the BIOS Mod is already installed.


Thanks in advance for help.

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