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New Server Build, But Kinda new at this


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Hey Ppl :D


I'am doing a new server build, for my own Minecraft server, and homepage (for now, maybe more later)


I'am thinking a build like this:


  • Motherboard: ASUS P9D-I//SP XEON C222 MINI-ITX 2DIMM
  • CPU:                 INTEL INTEL XEON E3-1265L V3 QUAD CORE 2.5GHZ 8MB S-1150 OEM
  • Cpu Cooler:    NOCTUA NH-L9i Low profile CPU cooler - LGA115x (NH-L9i)
  • RAM:               CRUCIAL 16GB/ 2x8GB/ 1600MHz ECC UDIMM LV (CT2KIT102472BD160B)
  • Case:               MS-TECH Geh ITX MINI CI-70 120W extern ALU (CI-70/120W)


I like to use low voltage system, cores after all its running 24/7-365 hopefully.

The main questions is


1 Will this run good ? this will be my first server build

2 Will i have any benefits running server os like WHS Vs normally Windows 7 Pro


Hope you can help me a bit out here :P



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Which version of WHS do you intent to run?  What benefits do you need from running WHS?  (Client Backups, Remote Access, etc).. Will be you streaming media from the server?


The BYOB threads in the forum will be a great resource for your build questions.

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Hey Jmwills


I have seen windows home server 2011 on Amazone for a decent price  :)

The servers main think will still be Minecraft Server + Webhost, i got a NAS for the rest ATM


Okay i will check that BYOB out, Thx for pointing me to the right place :)

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Okay.  WHS 2011 will only support 8 gigs of RAM so keep that in mind.


Also, look at the Microserver Links.

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