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Please help error when installing windows on new build


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I am long time podcast listener to the HSS and BYOB but not active in the forums. I figured it was time to start today when I got an error code: 0x80070570: Windows cannot install required files. the file may be corrupt or missing make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation.


Background: i7 4770k, Asus z87-pro, 16 gig 2-sticks, Corsair RM650 power supply, 256 Samsun 840 evo SSD, Asus blueray drive, windows 8.1 pro OEM dvd, no graphics card

install went well except when I booted the first time i had a cpu fan error because I plugged in my cooler to the optional header instead of the main one fixed that really quickly. I can goof around in the UEFI BIOS Utility fine. After a few times getting the code I put in an old HDD that had windows 8.1 from a computer who's mother board went out and it booted in to it fine although complaining about the massive hardware differences :) so I figure i put it together ok.


Now for what is happening: I can get in to the windows installer and enter my product key fine every time, accept the license agreement, custom install on the SSD, but when it is installing it stops at 35% when it is "Getting files ready for installation". I have tried formatting the ssd differently, installing on a partition on my old HDD, taking a stick of RAM out, changing the SATA setting in the UEFI Bios (randomly). Nothing i know seems to work. Just for fun i tried to install windows 7 from a disk i know works and it gave me the same error. so i am fairly confident that my dvd is not the problem.  


I have not installed any drivers. i don't know if you can or are suppose to before you install your OS.


i think listening to the podcasts gave me a false sense of confedence that i could do this no problem. I have installed hardware before, installed OS's (betas and previews even) but never built one from the ground up. i thought I was building a nice computer to last for a while but i can't even get it started :)


if anyone can help... PLEASE!!

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UEFI over legacy BIOS? Ok. (Maybe try BIOS?) Try another DVD burner/player (ODD)?  You tested with one stick of memory, and then the other to eliminate that possibility. You've eliminated media because the same error occurs with the W7 install disk which is in good shape, I presume? I'm thinking it's a bad DVD player. That's where I'd start.

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Wow in only one hour 10 views and 2 replies!


My thought too was to install on the USB, I even went and bought one today for this, but I don't know how. I did it before with one of the windows 8 previews after my old computer's drive went bad but I can't find the tool I used back then. And I don't have the ISO I just have the win 8.1 pro OEM DVD I bought off amazon.

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I believe there is a way to use Grub Loader and copy the files over from the DVD


This should help.  http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj200124.aspx


Wow that is a little over my head. i don't understand what image i should use. 


i did try this http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn293258.aspx but it will not boot to it. and when i go to the HDD and partition tool mark as active is greyed out like it is already active or can not be made active. 

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I do it the lazy way:


Just install, open it and point to your w8 ISO, make sure your thumb drive is ready to go and run it. Don't be misled by the W7. It works for W8 as well.

I tried this tool today but i don't have an iso. i just have the dvd

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hm... ok.... if you want to pursue the path I'm proposing, download + install ImgBurn. You can rip an ISO from a DVD with that.

Get it here: http://www.imgburn.com/  or go to ninite.com and get it from there. (Actually, you might like ninite if you've never been there. Look it over. It's fairly self-explanatory, but don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.)


Then...back to the W7 USB/DVD Download Tool.

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