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General DD-WRT networking question

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I think 25/10 is faster than most people have. I do have 25 down, but only 2 up, and I have one of the fastest options available from my ISP. From what I've seen, speeds around the world vary considerably.

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Sorry for being kinda my fault for setting up the path to go off topic. ;)


Anyway, my recommendation for setting up a DD-WRT router is to check the router hardware itself. Having more flash and RAM as well as a beefier CPU, will give you more flexibility and can most likely help make it more stable on high-BW and multiple simultaneous sessions.


Alternatively, you can also consider loading it up with Tomato. DD-WRT is more feature-rich of the two, which can also be a potential to make it a bit less stable. Tomato on the other hand, is sort of the middle-ground between the stock firmware and DD-WRT.... just enough of the bells and whistles for most folks.


Personally, I'm biased towards pfSense running on a small Atom box... coz that's what I settled on.

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