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Client won't connect to the server

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I have recently reinstalled WSE2012R2 on a new hard drive due to some issues I was experiencing, I have since configured it and gotten the client software to run on all but one of my machines every time I try to connect it I get The Server is not available. try connecting the computer again, or for more information see Troubleshoot connecting computers to server.  http://technet.microsoft.com/library/jj635102.aspx My issue is number 5 according to the error message that I receive I have since synchronized my time between the two machines and reran the connector only to get the same message (I neglected to mention that I have already removed the previous connector software and left the old domain) I am going to try to manually join the domain and then add the connector afterwards maybe that will work but if not does anyone have any ideas what I should try next. (All Clients are Windows 8.1 Pro) Ok I can't join the domain either says that it either doesn't exist or it can't be contacted which is funny since I am running a remote desktop session as we speak from the server that can't be contacted. I can access all of the shared folders from the server.

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can I do this by setting a dhcp reservation in my router or do I have to assign it an actual static IP the DNS suffix is already the Domain name the full computer name still has the domain name.local at the end of it I never checked with any of the other clients to see if they removed it from the name I just removed the connector removed the domain restarted the computer and reconnected the connector without any issues. I'll set the reservation but if that isn't the correct thing to do can you let me know.

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