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My Holdout is drawing to an end and I need some advice....


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Not only am I probably one of the last holdouts to run WHS vs1, but my setup is somewhat expansive.   I need to upgrade/migrate to a different solution as the primary storage on my network and I'd like to preserve as much of the functionality that I have in my WHS v1 setup as possible, while taking advantage of additional features offered by other solutions.


First, let me start by giving a general description of what I'm running currently (happy to provide more details where it helps anyone to help me with my solution):


  • HP MSS EX475
    • Power Pack 3
    • 2GB RAM
    • 10 Client PCs (would like to add a couple more), 8 on Win7, 1 on WinXP, 1 on Win8.1
    • Approx. 13TB in Total Storage
      • 500GB System Drive + 3x2TB in the EX475
      • 4x2TB in a Sans Digital TR4M Enclosure
    • Currently I have <2TB Free Space Remaining
      • My Largest shared folder (no duplication) is 4.5TB, 2nd Largest is 4.1TB (no duplication)
  • ReadyNAS NV+ with 4x2TB storage (currently used to backup certain folders from WHS)
  • Synology DS1512+ NAS with 5x3TB Storage (can be expanded to add up to 2 additional units with 5 bays each, with up to 4TB drives in each bay)
    • Currently used to Backup some folders from WHS Pool
    • NVR for Surveillance Cameras (soon)


The functions that are most important for me to preserve are:

  • Unattended, automated client backups allowing for bare metal restorations.  Most of my clients are HTPCs and just being able to push the image back out to the hardware when needed is a godsend vs. having to re-configure a new HDD from scratch.
  • I use MyMovies for WHS v1. to house my DVD library.   I understand that WHS v1 will no longer be supported in MyMovies version 5. I would like to continue running MyMovies and having all of my HTPCs attach to a centralized database/library for viewing.
  • I store all RecordedTV from all HTPCs to my WHS which allow me to watch any recording from any HTPC (except when copy protected).  I would like to continue this functionality.  I am using 2 HDHR Prime Devices (3 tuners each) and 1 HDHR Device(QAM only with 2 tuners--I think).
  • Remote access to all client PCs (both files and RDP).   I do login to my EX475 via the web interface to access files remotely (mostly housed on the server itself) and to RDP into my Server or a Client PC



Here's what I'm thinking of doing:

  • Keep the WHS v1 for client PC backups and Recorded TV only (still going to have an issue with the 10 client limit, but since several of my HTPCs are identical, I'm wondering if I can restore the image from one to another and change the machine name after restoration---would love to know if this would work).  Currently my client backups take up 1.1TB in total, so I can shouldn't ever run out of space for recorded TV and don't really care if I lose it at some point.
  • Expanding the Synology to accommodate everything else (File storage, DVD Library, Music Library, Photo Library, Home Video Library)....Possibly buying a Synology DX513 expansion unit (linked to the DS1512+, so they behave as one) and putting 5x4TB  or 5x5TB in it should take care of my needs for a while (I would hope).
  • Using the ReadyNAS as another backup to the Synology for extra-crucial stuff (Photos, Files and Records & Home Videos).  However, I'm not 100% sure that one can be used to backup the other in an automated, unattended fashion.


Here's what I don't know, but would like to:

  • Is there another solution available to image backup client PCs (>10 optimally) in as automated fashion as WHS that I can migrate to?
  • Will I be able to migrate MyMovies to a NAS as the main storage and still access my DVD/BD library from client PCs running Media Center just as I do now?  If not, what are my options?
  • I 99.99% sure that the Synology software will allow me to access my files remotely.   I'm guessing that I will still be able to keep the WHS for when I need to remote into my client PCs remotely or is there another way to skin this cat (there must be)?
  • I don't know if Media Center will allow me to set a NAS location (i.e. Synology) as the central repository for all RecordedTV as I currently do with WHS.  I'd love to know if anyone has been able to do this.


I've probably left out some stuff, but I'd appreciate any guidance anyone can give on any parts of this.





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Sounds like it's time for you to build/buy a box and use win2012R2essentials (if you might want to play with VM's) or at least win2012essentials. I built a box with W2012E and am using vmware to run my VM's. I am working on turning my htpc into a VM.


Both of these are pricey, if you have a student in the house they can buy them at about half price, that might help.

These os's support 3-4 tb drives, 20-25 clients (I forget)

I will be running my x510's as long as I can, but have my DIY waiting to take over, it can hold 6 drives in the main box and I have a USB 3 external 5 bay that can hold another 5 4tb drives. I'm lucky, my x510 will hold all my data for now.

I use stablebit to handle the Pool's.

Here is a link to the DIY over at mediasmartnet: http://www.mediasmartserver.net/forums/viewforum.php?f=22&sid=c0e3ce872733d9b7beead26a1c1a886a

I'm guessing they have a DIY thread here as well.


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