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Gen 7, Server 2012R2 ask


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If anyone has the time. desire, and equipment could you do something for me?


On a Gen 7 Microserver it really does not require the new BIOS.  If you do not have the new BIOS just disable the onboard NIC.  Put two disc drives in the box and I don't care if you select RAID, IDE, or AHCI in bios but if you select Raid, do not configure an array.


Install Server 2012 R2 or even R2 Essentials.  Once you get to a desktop start diskmgmt.msc and see if the second drive shows up for you.


I have been explaining this to HP and they tell me no one has had this problem.  Will not be the first time I have been proven to be a dummy.


It works fine with 2012, but with R2 I can only see the system drive which means I can't play with storage spaces :(





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