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Foscam Pan/Tilt Wireless IP Camera w/ 26' Infrared Night Vision, Smartphone Remote Viewing & Motion Detection! $89.99


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They do support ONVIF according to the specs.


es for your service account.Remember to provide write access to your storage devices for your service account.

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Are there any disadvantages with running BI as a service? It appears this is the best way to get it to run at boot !

Sorry for the delay, apparently I'm not good enough to get email notifications for replies ..... or something :P


That you have to click a UAC prompt when you run it to access the GUI? Aside from that, no, there is absolutely no downside or difference. 

Well, other than that it runs on startup automatically, without having to configure anything.

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I have now set it up as a service. After 2 days I see no problems. It does prompt if you want to open the GUI, just one more click.


Also prompts for upgrade to 3.49.06 which I will try when I get a chance.




Loving StableBit DrivePool.



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yeah, I like things that natively run as a service.


And glad to hear you're loving DrivePool! :)

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