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Well, that was baffling!


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Yet one more package arrived today that motivated me to attack the thermal issues with the g8.  Infrared themometer, and xeon 1220LV2 (Yes!).


While not directly related to what this post is about, I still had to pull the server apart to install the xeon.....and I though to myself, why the heck not?


Insprired by the "Woluld this be a good spot to store the Gen 8?" thread, I decided to make a baffle for the final resting place of my G8.  Warm air was pooling around my G8, increasing the ambient air temperature.  The baffle beat this issue down pretty quick.  Constructed using some plywood sheeing, and weatherstripping (for an airtight seal).








This dropped my temperatures nicely! 

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Good job! That's like Figure 6 in the other thread. The plywood partition did a good job isolating the warm exhausts from reentering the front of the server.

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Great job! Effectively built a data center's hot/cold side in a cabinet.  


This is one of the few things that made me cringe when they cram all of the heat sensitive electronics in an enclosed cabinet without proper airflow.   Some people don't care or don't know.  They figured if the Xbox still works in a cabinet good enough for them.


Glad you made the necessary modification in the cabinet to make it work.

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