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Seagate Barracuda Green & Firmware


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So I've a total of 4x ST2000DL003's  the 2tb , 5900 Barracuda Green's that are various versions. But I'm aware how bad they can be. But I thought I'd just have a bit of a discussion. 


and I've just logged a ticket with seagate to get the latest firmware files with 2 of them (Both slightly different part number drives ) 


They have a history of falling out of raid array's - Primarily a TLER issue I think because of the green factors.


My questions are.


- Given my gen 8 never lets drives spin down does this go some way to help the issues with them. 

- Given I'm raid 10 not raid 5 does this help at all in regard to TLER errors for desktop type drives falling out of arrays


I actually do have a backup of everything that I will be putting on them. So it's not the end of the world if i get a double fail. But. I do hate migrating data. 


 - Anyone had any experience with these drives?


I purchased them a while back when I had 2 desktops and also had a synology nas with them in.


Also 2 of them even in a intel ihc10r raid 0 array fall out very frequently but with no smart errors.

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Interesting questions.


I don't believe spindown has anything to do with TLER. Spindown is an energy saving feature. TLER only comes into play when there is an issue writing or retrieving data to or from the drive. Drives without TLER will often retry to write or read data much longer than a RAID controller will accept. When a drive doesn't respond to the RAID controller in a timely manner, because the drive is busy doing error recovery, the RAID controller thinks the drive has gone 'bye bye' and drops it from the array.


I'm really not sure about the effect of RAID 10. I could see it going both ways:

  1. the data isn't available in timely manner from one drive, so the RAID controller pulls it from the other, so the drives don't get dropped.
  2. the RAID controller realizes that 1 drive is not responding properly and drops it, thus breaking the mirror.

I don't know which of these would happen, or even if all RAID controllers would handle it the same way.

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