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Using http://SERVER/connect from clients...

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If anyone has seen my last thread on here I had quite the time getting the server to assign DHCP address' to clients and give them internet access.  Now I have one more problem.  I get this error message when I try to visit the http://SERVER/connect page...



Go to the computer that you want to connect to the server
This is your server that is running Windows Server Essentials. To connect another computer to your server, go to that computer, open an Internet browser, and then type http://xxxxx/connect


This is a very normal page to see when you are trying to access that page from the server but the clients see that page too!!  :D  So my foggy brain says the DNS or routing has made the clients use the same routes or something as the server itself has so that page thinks the traffic is comming from the server console itself.  Thought I would throw this out there before I went home to crash and rethink this tomorrow.


This page does work from outside the network just as an FYI for everyone.  Thank you all for being here and have a good morning!!!


OH and it works perfectly too if I just use so now I am quite sure it is DNS related! 

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I had this issue too. To get around it I had to modify the config on my Untangle router (which is my DNS, which I think is critical). Basically, I believe you have to configure your DNS so it can route your domain name to the local IP of your server.

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I have checked the DNS and honestly I do not understand it enough to know what to change in order to make this work like it is supposed to.  :D

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