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Hi all,

Im looking for some advice regarding my recently purchased N54L.

I bought it with the intention of using it as a NAS and HTPC connected directly do my dumb (non-smart) hdtv as a monitor.

Unfortunately since purchasing, I've become a bit unstuck as to exactly how to achieve this.

I am about to order 2x WD RED HDD's with the intention of RAID 1'ing them in 2 of the main/vertical HDD bays (with the opportunity of adding another 2, possibly larger drives in this same configuration later on in the remaining 2 bays).  Also on the to-purchase list is a Graphics Card - a Sapphire 11190-02-20g AMD HD6450 1Gb DDR3 Lite retail PCI-E card from amazon as it is cheap at ~£20 and apparently compatible.  I'm trying to keep initial costs low, so possibly just a 2gb stick of RAM to complement the one already in there - but not sure which one would be best/cheapest - I thought adding a second stick the same would be more cost effective than a replacement 4gb stick..


My initial thoughts software wise were to install Ubuntu server on to the 250gb HDD that came with the N54L - but unsure of how or where to place this.  Is in the top/5.25" bay the best place for a boot drive like this as it would leave the other 4 bays free? The drive is currently installed in vertical HDD bay 0, so I assume I'd need to buy a caddy for mounting above here in the 5.25" bay?

Once running Ubuntu server, is it straight forward enough to set up NAS access and a XBMC or similar overlay to output directly to the dumb-TV/monitor or am I over-simplifying this last stage in my head?


Any and all advice relating to my first few stumbling blocks above would be greatly appreciated,

Many thanks in advance

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You might convince yourself to run an SSD drive in that top slot.

I already run one in my desktop. Awesome bit of kit, but not sure if i'd notice the difference in the set up im going for with the N54L, also don't have another use for the 250gb HDD that came with it..so thought it was a good opportunity to save some cost.

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