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Adding an Extra Router to my Network as an Access Point

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I still cannot believe they sell power line adapters.



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They actually sell a lot of them. I used some back in 2007 and they were pretty bad. I guess the wiring in my house isn't 

helping these do much better. 

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Powerline has gotten a lot better.  However, there are situations that don't work well, for example, if you have a whole-house surge supressor, they probably won't work.  For the same reason, they can't be plugged into a surge strip but should be direct into an outlet.


If that doesn't work, sometimes MoCa (IP over coax) is a better solution.  I've heard of some people using it to great effect when they had coax in areas in the house but didn't have Ethernet.


Ubiquiti has unveiled their latest line of AC access points.  They are supposed to be available in the next couple of weeks; I'm excited to see how the $149 UAP-AC PRO works out, and it will be interesting for people on tight budgets to look at the $89 UAP-AC Lite.



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