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Problem using HP Smart Update

Old Greg

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I'm running HP Smart Update running on a client machine attached to my N54L/Smart Array P222 running Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials. I've successfully completed these steps:

  • created a baseline in HP SUM by choosing to download from hp.com
  • Added the server by IP & provided credentials
  • successfully ran an inventory of the server
  • Reviewed the updates selected for the server

However, I cant choose to Deploy the updates that are selected. The selected updates appear to be correct-it spotted the P222 & didn't offer to update the firmware as I had done that manually. If I de-select an update, the Analyze button becomes active & I can run that, but the Deploy button remains greyed out. What am I missing?

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Ok, I figured out why I couldn't deploy. There was a failed dependency on the following driver:

  • HP ProLiant System Providers for 64-bit Microsoft Windows Server Editions (cp020069) v9.2.0.0

When I click on the dependency error, I get:

  • Failed dependency details: HP ProLiant DL980 G7

If I deselect that component, the Deploy button is enabled.

This brings to mind several questions:

  • Do I need that driver? I'm assuming that there is another package that driver "depends" on. is it an unresolved dependency because I'm missing that package from my baseline, or something else?
  • Why does the failed dependency say "HP ProLiant DL980 G7" when I have a N54L? And when HP SUM has correctly identified the Node as a N54L during inventory?
  • Do other users of HP SUM as a practice just install the suggested drivers? If I have to research every single patch...in a perfect world, but I don't have it in me for that kind of whipping these days...
  • When I created my baseline, there were I believe 3 options to download my baseline from. I selected only the latest one. Should I have gone back & added all 3? I just assumed that they were cumulative & the latest one would have all the current packages.

I know that's a batch of questions, any feedback is appreciated. I was definitely unprepared for the amount of work required to get this beast set up right. The tips I've gotten from this forum have been a huge help. Thanks!

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