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Migrating to Essentials R2, Here is what is on my WHS 2011


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I'm thinking about taking the plunge and migrating to Server Essentials 2012 R2 as my WHS 2011 is getting pretty sluggish.  I wonder why!  Here is what it is running.










iCloud Sync



FTP Voyager


The migration is not a big deal just a PITA.  I'm also thinking about re-doing the server as Hyper-V so I can put on a couple of VM's.  Everything is running pretty good right now though.


I have 2012 E R2 up and running with a 9TB DrivePool so both servers can run side by side until the transition is complete.

Here is what I have:

Two SSD's mirrored.

9TB DrivePool with duplication

1 spare SSD for StableBit landing zone(which i have yet to read up on)

3 extra 2TB drives hanging around.

1 External 3TB for server backup

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Dave, just a heads up, if you're using duplication on the pool, you'll want to have TWO "feeder/landing zone" disks. Otherwise, you may not see the performance gain properly.



But yeah, all that stuff, a good reason for a slowdown!

And VMs are a great idea. :)


And remember to make sure you have that system disk backed up.

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So I gotta have TWO SSD's?  I have yet to turn on duplication but plan on it.  What kind of speed increase are we talking overall by going with the feeder disks?

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My WHS 2011 is on a RAID 5 and I was going to give StableBit DrivePool a shot.  That also allows me to bring up two boxes and not have to buy ports.  I also had a spare SSD so putting one to use in the box was pretty easy.  Running out of ports too!

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As for speed boost, depends on if your local/remote. If you're remote, it may max out the speed at 125MB/s (max theoretical of gigabit). As for local, that depends on the system.  
But for the most part, you'll see the same speed as if you're writing to the SSD directly, instead of through DrivePool.
But as jmwills has said, this is a good application for RAID as well. 
And you absolutely can use just one SSD, but if you are copying/creating to a folder that is duplicated, it'll will fall back on using one of the "archive" disks as well, which may reduce the speed.
 Notes on the Archive Optimizer Balancer

With this plug-in you designate one or more disks as special Feeder disks.
Feeder disks will receive all new files created on the pool.
It will be the balancer's job to move all the files from the Feeder disks to the Archive disks in the background.
You can use this plug-in to designate one or more fast disks as special feeder disks in order to improve write performance.

* Any time the feeder disks will have data on them your pool condition will be below 100% because those files have been scheduled to be moved off those disks on the next balancing run. This is normal.
* If you are using duplicated files, then you should specify at least 2 Feeder disks or else the system will fall back to an Archive disk (for one of the 2 file parts) when creating a new duplicated file.
* Because this plug-in is very specialized, it should generally be used by itself.



Worse case here dave, don't use that SSD for the Mirror, add it to the pool instead :)

Just make sure you have Server Backup set.

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