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IIS Hosting and or php error

Guest techyguyni

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Guest techyguyni

Hi Guys


Iam hosting my own website and have installed php into IIS, All seems great and is working perfectly upto a point.


When I visit my website and click on the submit button under the contact area of my hosted site it wont send emails.


After you click on the submit button it will take you to the index page, this part works, but I never get emails in my inbox.


I have tested my site on a hosting provider that provides php and it worked fine, I had emails all day, its only when I move it to my server and host the site there that I don't get the emails.


any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm assuming the server you're having issues with is on your own LAN? If so, you are likely dealing with ISP restrictions on outgoing email. These days, most ISPs will not allow outgoing email on Port 25. They require you to use another port. This is an anti-spamming security measure.


I suspect you've never run an email server on your LAN before, is that correct? If so, you most likely have never run into the Port 25 issue.


I suggest you search your ISP's web site, or call their Tech Support.

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Guest techyguyni



thanks for getting back, I have checked and port 25 is open with my service provider.

and if for some reson iam wrong can I use another port and if so how do I configure it


thanks again

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Most ISPs do provide alternate ports. You have to contact them about it though, as there is no set standard.


There is a way to check if outgoing Port 25 is open for you; you can use Telnet to try to connect to any mail server on the Internet. IIRC, you just start Telnet, then type SET PORT 25 and hit Enter, then type OPEN X.X.X.X, where x.x.x.x is the IP of the email server your trying to reach. I may not have this 100% correct; it's been a while since I had to do it. ;) But, you should find it easily enough using Bing or google.

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Yeah, took me forever to figure out when I was playing with PHP on v1.


unfortunately, you basically need an "unsecure" SMTP server. Can't use SSL/TLS for the server. So it's best to use your ISP' SMTP server. And for the full settings in the ini file:


[mail function]
SMTP = smtp.example.com
smtp_port = 25
username = test@example.com
password = password
sendmail_from = website@mydomain.com




Just remember, if you abuse this, your mail server may start actively denying you connection.

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