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WSE R2 Essentials use dedicated NIC for DHCP


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So you can browse and resolve IPs while physically logged on to your server, and you can reach other systems on your LAN from any point on your LAN, but can't resolve IPs, correct?


I assume the third NIC (the one you had for "backup") is disabled; if not, I'd temporarily disable it.


Also, go to a command prompt on a client PC, and run "nslookup". First see what name and IP it gives for your name server (i.e. should be something like Default Server: YourServerNameHere and Address: (i.e. your LAN NIC's address.)


If that is good - or even if not - type in a URL (www.google.com is always good :) ) See if it resolves (likely not.)


What results do you get for the server name/IP and the URL resolution?  We don't actually need the server's name, just confirm it is your server's name, or at the very least the correct IP.



You can also quickly tell it it is a DNS problem by statically entering the Google DNS IPs you are using on your server's LAN NIC into the TCP/IP settings on a client. It will use those DNS instead of the DHCP assigned and assuming it is "just" a DNS problem you should be able to resolve URLs and browse. A second way of course is entering the actual IP of a website - again this will show if it is name resolution or an actual lack of connectivity.


Honestly, the fact you are using Google's DNS IPs makes me think you've probably already tried this stuff, but your description of the current problem still makes me lean toward name resolution, so just want to ensure you've tested and ruled that out.

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The server can access the internet so that part is working and the client PCs are getting the right address info and can see the server and get to it's intranet site so I think it's going to be something with the RRAS setup.


Easiest way to check for DNS or connectivity issues is to try pinging a known IP address and see if it responds. So from a client PC try 




and see if you get a response, if you do then the routing is working. If not then we need to look into that issue next.


If that works but 


ping www.google.com


times out without resolving the name then as timekills says it's a DNS problem.


By the way what is the IP details for one of your client machines? Something like


subnet mask of

gateway of


DNS of ?




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ok so here are the results:


TEST-1 Workstation:


Server: UnKnown





Server: UnKnown



Ethernet Adaptor Status > Network Connection Details:

Connection Specific DNS = XXXXXX.local

Description = Realtek PCIe...

IPv4 =

IPv4 Sub =


IPv4 DNS =,

NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled = Yes



I have been using google public DNS and it seems to work good on the server.  Ping results for all failed!  Ping to the server are all good. And I can also ping the other client computer!!

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Did you flush the DNS cache on the workstation prior to running this?  And have you modified the host files because that answer to the nslookup should look something like this:


Server:  router.asus.com

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:    google.com
Addresses:  2607:f8b0:4002:c06::64

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No host file modification has been performed.


No I have not flushed the DNS


And my server domain name is xxxxxx.local where x's equals our company name.


Is it possible I have missed a step or performed a step incorrectly when I set up the server out of the box?  That nslookup was from a workstation that has seen internet before I had it connected to wifi to update it from 8 to 8.1 and all the associated updates that come with that upgrade. 

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File and Folder sharing is working between client computers too.


There seems to be varying opinion on the internet in regards to the servers domain name.  And I have read some things recently about no longer using internal domain names like xxxxx.local instead I should be using something like internal.xxxxx.com where subdomain "internal" is non routable outside the confines of the network.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this either way?

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They are flushed now and I still have no internet on the workstations.


ipconfig /flushdns

shutdown -r


This issue is very perplexing!!  :unsure:

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I was browsing the net looking for a reason why I may not have internet on client (workstation) PC's and I came across an article explaining how to configure NAT.  The one thing it keeps pointing to is that when you open the RRAS Console it should show under my server name IPv4 then when you drill down it should show NAT and I do not see NAT there anywhere. 

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