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N40L, WHS2011 > SE2012R2, Worth it?

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Move the plex stuff over to your spare system and transcode your stuff on that instead


WHS 2011 will deal with everything else, unattended, for years yet


Lots of people are jumping on the 2012 bandwagon... but to be truthful it's way over priced and above "most" general home users requirements.


HP222's are near enough the same price as a Gen 8 , here in the UK, so investing in that for a "average" user seems ridiculous on top of the cost of 2012 essentials


UK prices, at the moment, .... approx £300 for the RAID controller (HP222) and £300 - £500 for 2012 Essentials R2


I think I'll wait until 2011 can no longer get out of bed and swap to FreeNAS or a Linux server instead............... :)

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I was here first.  And not my fault you followed me (and probably my advice to check out here, as more active HP MicroServer community)    Depends on exactly what you want here.   For the most

Per our conversation; My current HP MS Gen 8 HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 Ultra Micro Tower Server System Intel Celeron G1610T 2.3GHz 2C/2T 2GB No Hard Drive Operating System None 712317-001 Intel




can you give your specs for others to follow .....


this poor Brit will tough it out  :)

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Spec of which bit of kit?


N40L is 16Gb, 500Gb WD Blue, 1Tb WD Enterprise drive (came in the Gen8)

Gen8, G1610T (i3 sat next to me) 256Gb Samsung 840 Pro, 3x Seagate 4Tb NAS drives

Main Rig, i7-4770, 16Gb, 2x 256Gb 840 Pro's, R270x

Shuttle, Athlon x2 something or other E

Miner, Core 6420(?) 8Gb, 250Gb HDD R270x

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