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dynamic IP address IIS

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Guest techyguyni

Hi Guys


I have a server running IIS thats host web pages to the public via a registered domain name, On monday I will be changing my ISP to one that sadly wont provide me with a static external ip.


I would like my visiters to be able to visit my site via the registered url that they already use, how can i make sure they are able to do this when i have a  Public dynamic IP Address



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You will have to register and pay for a DDNS account (Dynamic DNS). Then, on 1 computer on your network (preferrably one that's on 24/7), you will have to run a small utility that monitors your WAN IP and notifies your DDNS provider when the IP changes. Your DDNS provider should have a utility available that's compatible with their system.


Additionally, you will have to modify the settings for your domain so that your DDNS provider's server is listed as your Primary DNS.


The idea is that your DDNS provider's server becomes authortative for your domain name: i.e. all other DNS' look to it as the definitive source for your IP. All this makes it possible for people who want to visit your web page to get the latest IP info for your domain.


If you run a UTM like Untangle, Sophos, pfSense, etc., they have the monitoring utility built in, so that makes things simpler, but only if you can confirm that the UTM you use is compatible with the DDNS provider you pick. You might want to do a little research to ensure they are compatible.

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Drashna Jaelre

Well, if you're using Server 2012R2 ESSENTIALs and have set up a domain name that way (either, .remotewebaccess.com or via GoDaddy or eNom), then the server will take care of this for you.


But yeah, most routers do provide a dynamic DNS feature. And if they don't a number of providers do have software to do that for you.

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